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Have You Had Enough Yet?

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Jan. 12, 2013

Here is WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO NOW before the unconstitutional (criminal) administration tries to limit or confiscate the guns and ammo (property) of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS.

If an onerous tax, or insurance, or registration is legislated, ignore it. Treat it as if it doesn't exist. If the criminals in uniform come, see the next paragraph.

Particularly if you run a gun shop, but for any law-abiding American, at the first indication that the thugs are coming, call a trusted friend who will start a call chain for an immediate, armed response. Have them block the exits/roads so the armed criminals can not leave with anyone in custody. The people that carry out the illegal order will be committing a crime while armed. Deal with them as you would anyone trying to kidnap a friend. We will far outnumber any thugs they send. And we will have them surrounded. Stop them.

DO NOT Leave your pistols at home. Although Centerfire rifles will be needed.

Each individual in law enforcement and the National Guard, you have a decision to make. Let us know what's coming if you can.

The 2nd Amendment was put in place for the threat we now face.

Tyranny of the majority can not be tolerated.

THE CONSTITUTION IS SUPREME. Defend it with your life.

Copy and paste this everywhere: on your Rep's and Senators' pages, and in every forum (no matter the content). Post a hard copy in your workplace. And, establish a call / text / email / facebook / twitter chain. Have a text ready to go to multiple recipients so you can do it in an instant.

We've never had to do this before, but we have to get ahead of it. Simply spreading this around and making a few calls would put the criminals on notice.

Obama said he's going to act on this quickly.

So, start communicating NOW.

Do a practice run.

Live Free or Die


From RO