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Patrick H. Bellringer

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May 29 2015

Many people with health problems have gone through the medical profession’s drug-cut and slash-chem-nuke therapy, and end up with their body poisoned, parts missing, and with very little healing. Are you one of these? Do you want a second opinion?

Alternative health care is doing a great service to humanity through healing via herbs, vitamins and minerals (nutrition, enzymes, etc, ) and some very sophisticated scientific research and technology, which aids the human body to cope with disease and heal itself.

If you are seriously looking for answers to your health needs, I suggest that you call 1-605-343-2682 and talk to Dr. Cory Carter, or Angela Miller of Alt Med Services, Black Hawk, South Dakota. In his thirty some years of work Dr. Carter and his staff have assisted thousands of people in the U.S. and thirty other countries to find healing with minimal cost, and live happy lives again.

Alt Med Services has also been of great help to both Anne and me.

Patrick H. Bellringer