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Can a Land Patent SAVE YOUR HOME? - Even if you are NOT in foreclosure?

Alan Kreglow

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Feb. 27, 2012

Dear friends,
A friend who received my email about the great land patent Victory in Wisconsin asked me, "Does the land patent work for someone who is NOT in foreclosure?  This was my reply:
You may not currently know any reason why you need the protection of absolute ownership of your land, afforded by possessing the land patent, but the reasons may become more apparent as time passes.  
For one thing, the U.S. Dollar is currently losing its world reserve currency status.  If the consequences of this reduction in demand for the U.S. Dollar result in a debacle in which the dollar rapidly loses purchasing power internationally, we could all be in a situation where keeping up on our mortgage, paying property taxes and other obligations becomes more difficult than it is now.  
It is paramount that we keep our home if we get into difficult financial circumstances.  Therefore, prudence suggests that possessing the land patent on your land would be a good idea.
Gaining absolute ownership of your land is a good thing to do for many reasons.  It used to be that people always accepted their deed and brought forward the land patent for their benefit.  This was the dominant way land was held until, in the 1930's when the agricultural land boom of the 1920's became a land bust in the depression era, the banks tried to foreclose on farmers who had bought land on credit and they could not take the land from the farmers.  Juries were simply not siding with the banks, and this induced the banks and the legal profession to change everyone's habits with regard to how land ownership is recorded.
Recording of land ownership became sloppy with the introduction of Title Insurance, which does NOT protect against foreclosure, nor from taking by the IRS, nor from taking by the County for unpaid property taxes, and so forth.  Title Insurance also does not protect one from meddling by the local Building Department, Planning Department, Zoning, etc., nor from the state DNR (Department of Natural Resources) that may assume any game on your land belongs to them, not you, and that they have a right to fine you for breaking their rules.  
If you possess the land patent on your land, you can tell hunting rules enforcement people to take a hike, and they will depart because they can get in big trouble for bothering the possessor of a land patent.
An architect in California called me about getting the land patent brought forward for his home and he told me that under UN Agenda 21 the local Building Department and Planning Department are being prepared to push people off their land, destroy their homes and return the land to pristine condition!  He said this is actually being done in desert areas of California where the people are often economically unable to fight back.  The UN Agenda 21 plan is apparently to do this all over the country eventually.  If any of these governmental intrusions that range from bothersome to evil should be attempted on land for which the land patent has been brought forward for your benefit, you can defeat such intrusions in Federal Court.
What is the land patent?
The original owner of almost all land in the U.S. received ownership of their land in a "grant of land patent" from the U.S. government that conveyed absolute ownership of the land to the original owner, his heirs and assigns, forever.  This was a contract between the U.S. government and the original owner, his heirs and assigns, forever.  
If you own real property in the United States, you are most likely an heir or assign of an original landowner who received absolute ownership of the land and appurtenant real property through such a grant of land patent.  Therefore you are an intended beneficiary of that contract and you can "bring the land patent forward" for your benefit.
Bringing the land patent forward for your benefit is done with documents in the Republic's land patent process.  I am a certified land patent processor with the Republic.  With these documents, you accept the original contractual grant of land patent.  Without your acceptance, the contract does not apply to you.  This is done by filing the documents, including deed and the certified copy of the land patent, in the public record.  This filing is made simple now by filing with the Republic Records Bureau instead of fighting the County to get them to record your documents.  Then you give public notice of your filing for the statutory required period of around 60 to 90 days, depending on state law.
This recording, plus the statutory public notice, gives you the status of absolute owner of your land, not subject to property tax, not subject to taking through foreclosure, not subject to taking by the IRS for taxes, not subject to taking by the County for unpaid property taxes, not subject under UN Agenda 21 to taking by the local Building Department or Planning Department, and not subject to any other "official" taking.  The land patent filing is effective from the beginning of the notice period.  You do not have to wait until the end of the notice period to enforce your absolute ownership in Federal Court, if needed.
Why is the land patent so powerful and enforceable in Federal Court?
The simple reason is that the grant of land patent was/is a contract between the U.S. government and you as heir or assign of the original grantee.  The Constitution protects the obligations of contracts.  This is settled law, which means that any bank or other entity that might attempt to come into Federal Court to oppose you in a Quiet Title Action has NO STANDING to state a claim because the land patent is paramount title and no lesser "colorable title" can defeat it.  


However, the land patent contract must be accepted by you if you want to benefit from it.  Those who ignore the original land patent document and leave it sitting in the Bureau of Land Management records and do nothing about it can NOT claim its benefits.  Each landowner must claim these benefits for him/herself.  The benefits are NOT conveyed by a deed, not even a deed "in fee simple".  


Another reason the land patent is so powerful is that possession of a land patent is not available to entities like banks and other corporations.  Only a sovereign can possess the land patent.  Your status as sovereign is established for the purpose of the land patent filing by you signing an Affidavit of Sovereign Rights that gives the Republic for the united States permission to count you as a member.
The Republic has made bringing the land patent forward for your benefit easy, and hopefully affordable ($580).  All that is required of the landowner is to go to the county Recorder's office and get several certified copies of the deed to the property for which the land patent is to be brought forward.  If the deed does not contain the property location information in Section, Township and Range format, that information should be available in the "Book of Lands" in the Recorder's office or in the Assessor's office.  Failing that, any surveyor in the county can get you what you need.  You will need to find the Section, Township, Range, Meridian and Aliquot part (fractional portion, for example "SW 1/4NE 1/4") of the Section.   With these five items of location information you can go to the Bureau of Land Management General Land Office search website ( to look up and order certified copies of the land patent on the land that includes your property.  You will be able to enter the Section, Township, Range, and Meridian.  The search will then show you all land patents included in the land so defined.  You will need the Aliquot part to figure out which of the land patents found in the search includes your land.  Order several certified copies on parchment paper of that land patent.  
If you want me to process your land patent, you will need to "snail mail" me one certified copy of your deed and one certified copy of your land patent.  You will also need to pay for the process ($580) at the Dominion Services website (www.dominionservice.organticipated to be fully functional and ready to receive payments, hopefully by Monday 2-27-2012.  Then when I have your deed and land patent documents in hand and the control number of your payment from Dominion Services, I will arrange an appointment for you to get on your computer to view my computer screen via, as I fill out your documents.  
On you will see everything I do and you can correct any mistakes I make in spelling or whatever.  When the documents are ready, I will mail them certified mail to the Republic Records Bureau and after they record your documents, the Republic Records Bureau will mail your documents to you and notify the County land office to take your property off the tax rolls and refund to you the last three years of property taxes paid.  You will then post a notice of your land patent filing on the bulletin board outside the Recorder's office for the statutory required period (usually 60 to 90 days) to give an opportunity for adverse claimants to come forward during the notice period, or be "estopped" from ever doing so (too late).  You can assert your land patent in Federal Court, if needed, from the beginning of the notice period.  You do not have to wait until the end of the notice period.
If you want the land patent brought forward for your benefit, you should notify me immediately and I will send you more detailed instructions covering what you will need to do in the process, including my mailing address.
-- Alan

Alan Kreglow

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Through a land patent process I can help a landowner secure absolute ownership of land via possession of the land patent, so regardless of what may happen to personal, national, or global  financial circumstances or ability to pay mortgage, property taxes, etc., you can not be removed lawfully from your home.  

The land patent is the strongest title to land known in established law, superior to even attempted government taking, and is enforceable in Federal Court. 
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