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We're going to court to save bees!

Dead sea creatures “covering the sand with a sea of red” on California beach; Witnesses: “Bazillions of crab-like things washed ashore… I’ve never seen these before, it’s incredible” — ‘Glow in the dark’ organisms recently stranded nearby; Official: 'No one here has ever seen it!' (VIDEO)



10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach (VIDEOS)

Expert: Disease outbreak on US West Coast is largest ever seen in any population of animals — Tens of millions dead — Official: Gov’t needs to declare emergency before extinction occurs — Many scientists believed radiation from Fukushima to blame (VIDEO)

BREAKING: A new wolf massacre in Idaho

Shocking: Despicable Anti-Wolf Bills Advance In Congress

Will We all Die if Honey Bees Disappear?

Shocking: Despicable Anti-Wolf Bills Advance In Congress

Trouble for whales

Monsanto's Roundup and GMOs are killing off monarch butterflies

Bees: SumOfUs sued?

Hero poodle saves girl from pit bull attack

Bee With No Stripes Discovered in Kenya

TAKE ACTION! Demand action to save bees

Whale strandings

DEADLINE MARCH 2: Save the Monarch from Monsanto

Draped with icicles

“Alarming Numbers”: Over 15,000 baby sea lions may have died off California coast — “Marine biologists warn it could deplete an entire generation” — “Heralding the demise of something else beneath the waves”? (VIDEO)