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URGENT: A deadly and imminent attack on wolves

Giant whales found piled up dead on west coast beach — Second largest animals on planet — Official: “It’s never happened… Extremely unusual… Very rare and odd… We want to know why” — Gov’t scientists testing for Fukushima radiation — Backlog at lab due to so many recent deaths (PHOTOS)

Catastrophic Pacific Ocean Die-Off, The US Military’s All Out Assault On The Web Of Life

'Worst Ever': Alarm over shocking crash of salmon population in Pacific Northwest — 'Very frightening… Pathetic… Grave… Disastrous… Non-existent” — Official calls for immediate government action — “Something majorly wrong is happening in our oceans'' (VIDEOS)

Red wolf crisis - we're headed to court!

Zombies of the ocean: Starfish now devouring themselves as life on planet Earth reaches crisis point

TV: “Researchers say massive decline of fish is throwing off ecosystem” along California coast — Expert: “Population has truly collapsed”… They’re gone virtually everywhere — Whale numbers dropping significantly, squid disappearing, other major die-offs seen (VIDEO)

Pollination Beauty . . .....REALLY BEAUTIFULhon

Lion hunter killed by a lion during an illegal hunt

After California's forced vaccination mandate, Los Angeles now requiring microchipping of pet cats


California drought dries up lake overnight, killing thousands of fish

I have an update on elephants for you

Urgent Update on Kaavan the Chained Elephant: Join us in Helping Free Kaavan to Sanctuary!

Yahoo News: Giant mutant fish caught off Japan causes concern about effects of Fukushima — NY Daily News: Monster catch raises questions about ecological impact of nuclear disaster — “We wonder if its the radiation that caused the fish to grow this big” (PHOTOS)

This elephant has been alone for 28 years

“Countless” dead birds reported in Pacific off US coast, nothing will eat the bodies — “There are no seals present” — Expert: “The fish are not there… all of them are starving” — Animals “acting weird, sick and weak, too weak to fly, too weak to run” — Resident: We want to know if it’s from Fukushima (VIDEO)

Huge victory for bees! And the battle ahead.

Skyrocketing deaths on West Coast — Experts: “Extreme Mortality Event… dying in such high numbers… such great numbers… very concerned” — “It’s so mysterious… What is going on here?!” — “Possibilities like fallout from Fukushima” — Only 2 full necropsies on 700 deaths (VIDEOS)

Many baby seals dying of leukemia-linked disorder along California coast — Blamed for over 1/3 of recent deaths at San Francisco Bay rescue center (CHART)